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Reno Matthijs a.k.a Matteo VellaOakland Zoo - Amsterdam 1985. 


As a youngster Matteo Vella always loved music. By the age of 15 he bought his first turntables from his neighboring friend and started spinning the decks in 2001 playing music like Progressive, House and Techno. Soon after he had the opportunity to play at local bars and small venues and because of his talent the playground became bigger and better. Fascinated by the idea of producing his own tracks he started making music with Ableton since 2003. Techno became his main sound and biggest love. Always inspired by producers like Joel Mull, Adam Beyer, Richie Hawtin, Marco Carola, Mathew Jonson, Extrawelt and many more. By winning a dj contest Matteo Vella was introduced at major festivals like Decibel Outdoor (NL) back in 2008. Couple of years later he had his own weekly radio show at the famous dutch radiostation XT3 radio, where he invited all kinds of talented people to let them be heard, Matteo Vella became a dedicated dj and producer full of passion and love for music.


After spending more than a decade in the studio, producing and learning his techniques every day he finally won a Beatport remix contest in 2015 and released a track on the great Butane Alphahouse Records U.S.A..


His unique sound is made of steady beats, rolling basslines and solid grooves. He takes you into his world of hypnotic and energetic sounds to dance all night long. Matteo Vella is always trying to find his way in the music industry and after 15 years of producing music he created the Beatshop to release all the tension.


Played at

  • Harbour at night - Almere (NL)
  • Please Yourself - MS Blommendal (NL)
  • The Infinite Life - Amsterdam (NL)
  • Please Yourself - Stubnitz (NL)
  • Distortion - Steeple (BE)
  • Complex - Club LA (NL)
  • Club Dynamo (NL)
  • Refuse - Waterfront (NL)
  • Nature One - Camp (DE)
  • Decibel Festival - (NL)


Released on 

  • Alphahouse Records U.S.A. 2015
  • Beatshop Records 2016

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